About Suzanne


Both my parents were born and bred in Connecticut. We moved quite a few times before landing on Isle of Palms, South Carolina where I consider myself “bred”. When looking for a home in the Connecticut area after we were married, we found ourselves looking in Sandy Hook. It reminded me so much of the small island that I grew up on that it felt like I was coming “home” when we moved here. When we met our neighbors I was informed that I was now officially a “Hooker” and I have been ever since 1991. Since being here we have raised our two sons, Bobby and Tyler, who both started at Sandy Hook School and graduated from Newtown High School. My husband, Bob,  is a co-owner of an accounting firm here in town as well volunteering with many organizations in town. I also have been involved with many organizations throughout the years. I became a college student for the first time when my children were still in middle school and elementary school and I am still going! I also work with high school students as an AIDS Educator and activist.

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