Saturday September 21st at 1:30 – contributors reading their letters

This Saturday, September 21st at 1:30 contributors to the book will be reading their letters as part of the Newtown Arts Festival being held at Fairfield Hills. The link for the festival is: where you can find information regarding all the events that will be happening.

The publisher (Karuna Publications) has sent me the following of what the postcards will look like that we will have at the Arts Festival. This will be the first time that the book will be announced to the public.Postcard side one Postcard side two

Today I did an interview with Nancy Crevier for The Newtown Bee. I hope that I promoted LSHN (Letters from Sandy Hook-Newtown to the World) to the best of my ability. This has been a long and sometimes very difficult process but one that I felt needed to be done – I just hope that I was the best one to do it!


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