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After all the months of hard work – the 300 copies I pre-ordered are in my hands! I am excited now for the next step to happen! I am setting up times at CH Booth Library for as many as possible of the author-contributors to sign each other’s copies so they can finally have their book in their hand!

Now things are moving forward for the promotion of the book. There are three book signings already set up.

December 13th 12am-2pm at Everything Newtown on Church Hill Road in Newtown(

December 13th 5-7pm at Byrd’s Books on Greenwood Avenue in Bethel Connecticut


December 18th 4-6:30pm at C.H. Booth Library on Main Street in Newtown Connecticut


I will also be appearing on Better Connecticut (Channel 3 in Connecticut) on December 12th at 3pm. Since I am a writer and not a public speaker I am hoping that I represent the book and my community to the best of my ability! Suzanne with book

If you are local and want to order a book directly through me, just leave a comment on this site, leave a message on our FB page “Letters to Sandy Hook-Newtown” or send an email to with your contact information (including phone number) and I will get in touch with you. You will also be able to purchase the books at Everything Newtown after December 10 or at Byrd’s Books. If you purchase from me or Everything Newtown 50% of the cost of the book will go towards The Newtown Memorial Fund or other organizations in Sandy Hook-Newtown.  If you are not local, you can order online or from your local bookstore after December 10th.